Februari 27, 2022

Being An Agile Leader

Recently, we heard the word “agile” many times, especially during these pandemics’ era. the world is entering turbulence times. Not only the technology disruption, but also […]
Mei 13, 2020

Aftermath COVID 19

The word “aftermath”…how often do we hear this? All people in the world is facing “aftermath” right now. Corona pandemic is not only making people and […]
September 1, 2019

Are you “Driven” or “Called” People ?

Many people asked: “What is the different between leader who serves and leader who serves himself? Bob McDonald mentioned there are two types of people, which […]
April 28, 2019

Are you having blind spots?

First, let us understand what is blind spot? Collins definition explained that blind spot is an area in our range of vision that we cannot see […]
Februari 10, 2019

Leader Needs a Mirror

We all know the use of a mirror. It is showing the reflection of ourselves. The reflection we see in the mirror shows who we really […]
Januari 13, 2019

Seeing The Unseen

As leaders, we play a major role to guide our organization to achieve the best and we need a picture of the future that God tattooed […]
Januari 2, 2019

Goal Setting

First week of the first month for this new year is the right moment for us to check and evaluate if we have set our goals […]
Desember 16, 2018

A Dynamic Power That Leaders Need

When we talk about power and authority in leadership, lots of people tend to interchange these two words. These two terms refer to two different aspects […]
Desember 2, 2018

The Heart of a Leader

Today, in our society, we are surrounded by people we may call leaders. They are leaders in government, business, education and we tend to think that […]