About Me

Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, Dr. Lulu Setiawati, S.E., M.Bus, D.Th, CFP, CSA, QWP finished her education in Indonesia and Australia. Her Bachelor degree in Management was obtained from Petra Christian University. After finished her Master Business in Finance from RMIT Melbourne, she decided to start her professional career in Taipei, Taiwan before she returned to Indonesia. In 2017, she got her Doctor of Management from Widya Mandala Catholic University for Strategic Management concentration. Based on her working experiences as professional in Australia and Taiwan, she returned to Indonesia in 2002 and started her own business by opening Language Training Centre. Her professional career as an educator started in 2005 when she became a part time lecturer at Indonesia European University (IEU) until 2008.

In January 2009, she became full-time management lecturer at Pelita Harapan University Surabaya. May 2009 until end of 2013, she was trusted to lead Accounting Study Program as the Head of Department. In 2014 she was appointed as Finance and Accounting Manager. January 2015 until end of 2017, she has new role as Vice President for Finance and Administration at UPH Surabaya. Starting January 2018 She begins her new career with Matana University as Vice President for Operation.

She also obtained several certification programs. In 2016, she finished her professional certification in Financial Planner and obtained CFP. In 2017, she obtained professional degree in CSA and QWP as an analyst and wealth planner.

Her interest in the field of Finance, Management, Strategic and Leadership produced several scientific papers. Her interest in those field not only shown in the papers she made. But also shared in several trainings as speakers or trainers. She has teaching experience in Finance Management, Capital Market, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Management & Organizational Behaviour, Leadership and Strategic Management. Bringing an impact and leave a legacy, that’s what she is aiming for. She is involving herself to assist Indonesian People Network as volunteer.